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Mission & Objectives

Our Vision

The Department of Business Administration plans to be recognized as an innovative leader in professional business education. We strive to become the prime center of excellence in education in Kurdistan and Iraq. The curriculum, that is delivered by professional faculty, appeals to international standards of teaching entrepreneurialism and innovative leadership in business.

Our Mission

The Department of Business Administration seeks to provide students with an education that focus on the common body of business knowledge, high ethical standards of social & environmental responsibility, and the development & application of skills needed for leadership in business.

Program Objectives

The overall objective of the Business Administration Program is to provide our students with broad and deep educational experience that would enable them to:

1- Succeed in a verity of business administration positions and provide entrepreneurial to challenges and opportunities in the business world.

2- Apply high ethical standards and communication skills in their profession,

3- Continue lifelong learning in business and related arts and sciences.