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Hello, and welcome to the department of business administration.

KUST family brings together multiple disciples to graduate students armed with cutting edge

knowledge, skills and highest standards of ethics.

To equip students with the best possible opportunities, two major changes shall be taken into account.

First, due to globalization, we are living in a larger geographical space in comparison to, let’s say, three

decades ago. Not only goods and services but, also, the labor force moves easier around the globe. This

means that domestic markets are not the only place for local workers. This change requests a type of

education that can produce skills and ethical standards that reflect the needs of the contemporary

international market. Thus, providing educational weapons for “going global” is at the center of our


The second change is that services and technology are two main features of the modern economy while

the world is no less uncertain compared to Kenneth Galbraith’s “The Age of Uncertainty”, written in

1970s. Thus, swimming in the river of uncertainty with quick waves of upheavals needs an updated

educational system which offers sails for crossing the river safe and sound, something which is at the

center of our objectives.

Fortunately, the educational system at KUST, with its American based-system, allows our students to

interact with each other, so that by the end of each semester College of Business students make friends

from other departments, such as MLS or Civil Engineering. We support an academic atmosphere that

encourage freedom of speech. We highly defend open discussions, debates, and critiques. Studying with

us is not only a tool to, eventually, get a decent job, but it is also to have a joyful and comfortable


Luckily, KUST is located in Sulaimani city, known for its beautiful nature for studying and residence.

Surrounded by mountains, Sulaimani people are proud of having an open culture and political space that

gives the city a unique profile among other cities in the Region and across Iraq.

Once again, thank you for visiting our page.


Dr Nyaz Najmadin